At Murdishaw West Community Primary School we believe that children will learn more and be better behaved in a well-ordered school that rewards and has the support of its families. Every parent and child is asked to sign and agree our Home School Contract when they start at our school.

Our behaviour system is in a traffic light format (see the posters below). Children are reminded to think about the consequences before they break a rule and to take responsibility for their own actions!


We also have a whole school reward system. Every child in school will be given the opportunity to earn points that can be swapped for different levels of prizes. Children are given the choice of swapping for a prize or saving them up for a better prize.


Positives will be awarded for:

Good effort with a particular piece of work, spelling tests or multiplication test; being on task and ready to work; bringing reading diaries to school, with evidence of reading with an adult (these are just examples and not an exhaustive list).  They will also be awarded for consistently behaving correctly, always following the school rules or for an exceptional piece of work. 

Children will also receive either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificate on their journey up the chart.