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Children are required by law to attend school from the start of the term following their fifth birthday.  This school admits children earlier than that as part of the policy of the Local Education Authority.  Children are admitted to school in the September after they reach their fourth birthday.  Earlier admissions are exceptional and are a matter for the Halton Local Education Office.


The school applies Halton Borough Council’s Admission Policy.  The planned admission limit is the maximum number of children normally admitted in a school year.  This number is agreed between the DFE, school the number is 30.  If the number of applications exceeds this number Halton Education Office would allocate the 30 places according to Halton Education Committee admission criteria. LEA and School.  For this


These criteria are:

  • Children in public care – children who are subject to a care order, or are accommodated by the Local Education Authority.

  • Siblings – pupils with elder brothers or sisters already attending the school and expected to continue in the following school year.

  • Pupils living nearest to the school defined as a straight-line distance measurement from the child’s permanent residence to the school.

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