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Religious Education (RE)


At Murdishaw West Community Primary School, we have designed our R.E. curriculum with the intent that our children will become resilient, accepting, mindful and inquisitive learners. Our R.E. curriculum allows children to discover and gain an insight into religions within the world that we live. We see the teaching of R.E. is vital for children to understand others’ beliefs and make connections between their own values. It is our role to ensure pupils are being inquisitive by asking questions about the world around them by allowing pupils to gain high quality experiences.  

We will deliver a curriculum that inspires creative learning through excellent teaching practices that build on prior R.E. learning and allow for repetition and progression of skills.  Our curriculum embraces the community in which it is situated, recognising local places of worship. It Is inclusive, develops self-confidence and identifies that all our children are unique and therefore we should all be tolerant of each other’s beliefs. We encourage our children to be inquisitive about others’ beliefs by developing inquiry based R.E. skills that allow them to become culturally aware of the world around them

RE Year Group Overviews


RE Policy

This is our most recent RE policy which explains in further detail how we teach Art at Murdishaw West.


Lancashire Grid

At Murdishaw West we follow the Kapow scheme of work.


Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers for Years F- 6.



A guide to the progression of skills and knowledge in Religious Education.

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