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Effective discipline is essential in creating a secure learning environment in which children can develop to their full potential.

Staff in our school aim, in their everyday practice, to focus on the central principles of empathy, connection, trust and co-regulation.  Staff give careful consideration to (and raise awareness of) verbal and non–verbal communication.


Our school staff are attachment and trauma aware and use strategies such as ‘emotion coaching’ to promote positive behaviour.  ​

We deliver these aims through the implementation of our school behaviour policy which focuses on the positive behaviours and attitudes displayed by our children.  We acknowledge that from time-to-time unacceptable behaviours may need to be managed.

​We have a whole school reward system- The Swap Shop. Every child in school will be given the opportunity to earn points that can be swapped for different levels of prizes. Children are given the choice of swapping for a prize or saving them up for a better prize.

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