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Physical Education (PE)

Murdishaw West Primary School has been awarded the School Games GOLD Award for our PE and sports provision.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we, Murdishaw West Community Primary School, have achieved the School Games Gold Mark Award for the 2021/22 academic year.

The School Games Mark is a Government-led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward and recognise engagement (provision and uptake) in the School Games against a national benchmark and to celebrate keeping young people active, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

We are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of physical activity and school sport. We are committed to using the School Games to try and engage those young people who haven’t previously been active or represented our school and to try and ensure that all our students have a positive experience and want to try out new activities beyond school too in our community. We believe in the power of physical activity and school sport as a school and give opportunities to those young people that need it most either as a participant, leader, official or volunteer.

As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas linked to the five School Games outcomes and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.

We look forward to applying once again in 2023!


PE at Murdishaw West intends to develop a child’s knowledge, skill and understanding, so that they can perform a range of physical activities which, in time, increases competence and confidence. PE lessons involve thinking, selecting and applying skills, and promote positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Pupils of all ages and abilities will benefit from a broad, creative and balanced physical education programme that will be stimulating, challenging and progressive in a safe and supportive environment. 

The different aspects of physical education and the opportunities offered to the child through this curriculum area contribute to the pupils’ overall education, thus enabling them to develop positive attitudes towards long-term health, behaviour and the development of physical competence. Specifically, the objectives at Murdishaw West are:

  • To recognise and develop individual potential.

  • To provide an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • To nurture and promote physical development and competence.

  • To recognise the value of participation in physical activity.

  • To develop an appreciation of skilful and creative performance.

  • To develop inter-personal skills.

  • To implement and encourage the establishment of self-esteem in PE and sport.

  • To develop a clear understanding of safety procedures in PE and sport.

  • To develop a creative PE curriculum which challenges and stimulates all pupils.

  • To listen to pupils’ ideas, through pupil voice, to help develop an inclusive and joyful curriculum.

  • To utilise PE and Sport Premium funding to further develop quality of teaching at all key stages and to provide equipment and activities that target the needs of all pupils. 


  • PE is taught twice a week.  

  • Differentiated teaching of many varied activities including gymnastics, dance and games are planned for by teachers to suit the needs of the participants.

  • Staff liaise with each other and the subject leader to develop planning, activities and approaches to teaching PE.

  • Some elements of PE including gymnastics are planned using a range of documents to support teacher planning including. But not limited to Val Sabin and Beth Tweddle Gymnastics.

  • The PE and Sport Premium Funding is used for staff and subject leaders to communicate and observe specialist, external coordinators to support the delivery and future planning of PE.

  • Activities are planned so children develop control in a range of physical activities as well as an experience of satisfaction, enjoyment and self-confidence.

  • Teachers plan opportunities to maintain and develop mobility, strength and stamina and to manage success and failure in co-operative and competitive activities.

  • Varied approaches to PE are used to develop problem solving and inter-personal skills and allow children, regardless of ability, gender or race to work independently, in pairs and small groups.

  • Staff are involved in the continuous process of planning, performing and evaluating children’s progress and development.

  • Clear messages are given to all children and parents that the school adopts good sporting behaviour and recognises and reject anti-social responses including unfair play. 

  • Pupils are encouraged to understand their team roles and take into account the ideas of others. They evaluate their own and each other’s work.

  • In dance, children are encouraged to be confident and creative in their movements, to dance by themselves, with a partner, a group and the teacher.

  • Differentiated swimming lessons for children in key stage 2 are timetabled. 

  • Swimming abilities are monitored and encourage progression.

  • Staff plan activities for children to take part in outdoor and, if possible, adventure activities, especially in the form of day and residential trips.

  • School host and engage in competitive sports and activities against other schools, to enable pupils to mature socially and emotionally and develop understanding of rules and tactics.

  • All children, including EYFS, partake in whole school events and competitions providing children with a range of experiences that attract the children’s interest and curiosity.

  • The school actively participate in the Halton School Games events to contribute towards their work to the School Games Award.

  • Where appropriate, computing and digital technology opportunities are utilised to enhance the teaching and learning of PE.

  • Staff insist on the wearing of appropriate clothing when participating in sessions and to consistently reward those who adhere to the school’s policy on correct PE kit and footwear. For those without appropriate clothing, spare PE kit is provided therefore encouraging inclusion of all children in each circumstance. 


Children have awareness of a balanced diet and health related fitness, as well as developing their basic skills and abilities of movement. All children have the opportunities to, and are greatly encouraged to participate in PE and sport both in and out of school. Regular recognition and rewards are provided for those showing enthusiasm and determination as well as those showing high levels of ability. Teachers, with the support of professional coaching, identify areas of learning that require improvement and plan lessons in order to address those skills. Children thoroughly enjoy their experiences of PE and sport and develop their skills as much as possible in their time at Murdishaw West. 

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