School Meals

School meals offer a selection of freshly cooked main meals and desserts every day, often including pasta, salad, fresh fruit and yoghurt. All for only £2.50 per day.

You will need to pay for school dinners through the School Gateway app. A link to instructions can be found below.

  • Eating hot school meals is better for your child than eating a cold packed lunch

  • They will be more alert, focussed and able to concentrate on lessons

  • All meals are nutritionally balanced over the course of one week and are served by friendly and cheerful catering staff

  • Your child will learn how to talk to others while having a meal and make new friends. This will help your child grow in confidence

  • It's convenient; someone else preparing and cooking lunch for your child saves you worrying about a packed meal every day

  • It will help your child to learn about using cutlery properly and safely

  • It can be difficult to get children to try new foods. At school we let them try small portions of food to see if they like it and if so, they can have more

  • Teaching and supervisory staff are on hand to encourage children to eat all their lunch

  • Catering staff quickly learn what children like and will adapt the menu when necessary. They ensure no child goes hungry

  • It is the best way of ensuring children are attentive and in the best frame of mind to learn in afternoon lessons

  • We have provided school meals for over 12 years and we have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of catering for school pupils from nursery to sixth form

  • We are an award-winning service whose continuing success over the years demonstrates its adaptability to the ever changing needs of its customers


Our meals include all the children's favourites and are fully compliant with Government standards which state that we must include one portion of fruit and veg/salad per child. 

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