#mwcpmaths Assembly: Maths Week 2019

This week wis Maths Week. It’s about celebrating all the amazing things in our world which use Maths and encouraging children to take Maths beyond school!

In our assembly we talked about all the things you need maths for, things you might not even realise like eating you your breakfast in the morning! If you help to cook at home, that involves weight, time and number. Sometimes it can include fractions, division or multiplication too, if you are halving or doubling a recipe.If you have pizza for dinner, how does whoever is serving it make sure everyone gets a share? Fractions.

If you take medicine, how does the adult know how much to give you? They measure it or look at the size or strength to work out the dose.

For those of you that think you will never use maths when you leave school, think again! Would anyone like to work in the fire brigade? They use measuring, angles and numbers to put out a fire. Does anyone want to be an inventor or engineer? They use maths to design and test their inventions.

If you want to be a doctor or nurse you will use weight, fractions, multiplication or division, mass and height to help your patients. If you want to be a builder, you will use maths.

What is important is that you understand that maths is useful and that you will use it in your life.

Everyone has the ability to be good at maths. Teachers know that maths makes some people nervous. It’s ok to be nervous about it: just don’t give up on it.

It helps you more than you realise…!

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