Assembly: World Cup 2018 7.6.18

In yesterday's assembly we talked about the 2018 Football World Cup.

We found out that there are a lot of different sports we enjoy as individuals and many of these have special events where teams from across the world come to play.

The World Cup is when football teams from countries all over the world come together to play. It happens every four years and this year it will be held in Russia.

The countries are put into groups and play matches. The winning team from each match gets three points. The country with the most points goes into the next round. Eventually, the two teams who have won the most matches play in the final. The winner of the final wins the World Cup trophy.

Brazil has won the World Cup the most times and England won it once in 1966.

Before a World Cup match, the players all shake hands with each other. There is a special award given at the end of the World Cup called the Fair Play Trophy. this is given to the team who had the least yellow and red cards during the World Cup.

We thought about the good choices we could make and if we could try and do these over the next week.

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