Assembly: Internet Safety Day 2018

Today is Internet Safety Day! In our assembly we talked about how we connect with our friends and family online and how the internet provides us with great opportunities to connect.

  • It allows us to play with our school friends on online games at the weekend.

  • We can use video chat to talk to family who live far away.

  • It allows us to work together with friends to get to the top score on a game.

  • We can message our friends about new interests that we think they might like.

  • We can send our friends we took together.

When we say or do things online that make others happy, it makes us feel happy. Unfortunately, sometimes when we're online, some people might see or receive things that are unkind or upsetting. This can make us feel upset or angry.

We all have different things that we are interested in, or make us laugh, and we all find different things upset us, or make us angry.

Sometimes when we are online it’s hard to tell what will upset someone and what will make them laugh.

When we communicate using the internet we can’t be sure if other people will always understand what we mean, because we can't always use body language or see facial expressions, or hear our tone of voice.

Different people will find different things upsetting, mean, funny or interesting. However, in general we all need the same key ingredients from our friends and family to be happy online.

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