The website allows your child to interact with books by highlighting sections, annotating with virtual post notes and listening to text. Part of the website has  a news section where there will be current child-friendly news articles for your child to access.


To enhance our home learning we will also be using MyOn to set reading for your child to complete. These tasks will help your child to engage with the digital library and deepen their understanding of the texts. Your child’s teacher can view the books they have read and how long they have read for too.

If you are worried about internet access you can also download 20 books at a  time to your device for your child to read offline at any time.

If you have any problems logging into your child’s account or navigating the site please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or email for support.

How to access MyOn

  1. Click this link or enter the web address: 

  2. Our School name is Murdishaw West CP School

  3. Enter your child’s username and password (these are case sensitive)

  4. You are now in the digital library

For a more detailed step by step guide, read the Parent Guide 

We are very excited to launch myOn for at Murdishaw West!

MyOn is a digital library with hundreds of ebooks for children to choose from. These books are linked to your child’s age and can be tailored to their interests.