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Councillor John  Stockton

Chair of Governors

Hello, my name is John Stockton and I am Chair of Governors at Murdishaw West Primary School. I have formerly been a teacher and retired as a head of department in a large secondary school in Halewood. I am proud to be the chair of Murdishaw West, where  I have always believed that education should liberate human potential and no matter what our strengths are: academic, sporting, practical or performing arts, that it is the role of a school to help young people realise their potential. This is what we strive to achieve in Murdishaw West. The school is extremely fortunate to have a gifted and dedicated staff, both teaching and non-teaching, who work very hard to get the very best out of the children and who also work closely with parents to ensure that all is well.  


It is the role of the governing body to hold the school to account, on your behalf, to ensure that the children receive the best possible education they can and also to strive for the highest standards. We take this role very seriously and all governors are regularly in school for both formal and non-formal meetings in order to see that the school is doing the best it can. The governors’ role is often described as that of a ‘critical friend’ and that is the role we seek to perform: that of a board of governors who have the best interests of the children at heart and who hold the senior staff to account for the performance of the school. I am very fortunate to have a dedicated group of governors whom I work closely with to help improve the school.


As I mentioned above, I am very proud to be Chair of Murdishaw West Primary School and if you are a parent and you wish to meet me to discuss anything to do with the school, please just contact the school and I will be happy to meet you. I would like to finish by wishing all of the children in the school all the very best in their time in Murdishaw West and we will do our very best to strive for the best possible education for all.

John Stockton

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